A bundle is outlined by a json file, similar to a problem.json. The specification can be found below.

Field Datatype Required Description
author String Yes Author of the bundle.
name String Yes The name of the bundle.
description String Template Yes Description for the bundle.
dependencies Weightmap (See Below) No A Weightmap specifying the problem unlocking dependencies

As shown in the above specification, problem unlocking is specified by the bundle. The dependencies field in the bundle.json is a weightmap specifying how problems should be unlocked. It has the form:

  "problem2": {
    "threshold": 1,
    "weightmap": {
      "problem1": 1
  "problem4": {
    "threshold" : 1,
    "weightmap": {
      "problem2": 1,
      "problem3": 1

The unlocking is computed as follows. Any problem specified in dependencies will be unlocked only after its threshold value is reached by the sum of the weights specified in weightmap.

The above example specifies the following: problem2 will be unlocked after problem1 is solved. problem4 will be unlocked after either problem2 or problem3 is solved.

This system allows for arbitrary control of how problems unlock.